Highlights and Lowlights – Chicago

What”s the difference and how to choose?

Our expert Colorists are always here to help guide you to the best choices for your complexion, hair and style. If you”re wondering what exactly these terms mean and how Agnes O. staff always seems to know exactly what will work best, following is a basic explanation:


Highlights are a spot color process consisting of selecting thick or thin sections of hair and lightening them by at least 2 shades. Highlights should compliment your current hair color. They can be any tone or shade – as long as they are lighter than your overall hair color, they”re considered highlights.

The object of highlighting your hair is generally to give you a sun-kissed look and bring depth and light. They can be placed anywhere you”d like. Your hair is a canvas; yours to express yourself. With highlights, you can go as natural or funky as you please. The most natural look, though, is achieved by placing highlights along the top of the head and around the face, where slot machines the sun would lighten it naturally.

Highlighting your hair is a great way to experiment with going lighter. Rather than committing to coloring your whole head, start off with a few highlights. Then, add more each time you CreditKarma provides two credit credit rating scores —the VantageScore and a TransUnion score—but neither is generally used by lenders in credit-related decisions. go back until you find the lightness you”re happy with.


A lot of people don”t understand what the term “lowlight” means, but they can do wonders for a hair color. Lowlights are http://www.phpaide.com/?langue=fr&id=16 a spot color process in which sections of hair are darkened by at least 2 shades.  Though it may sound counter-intuitive, lowlights make your highlights much better.

Adding lowlights every second or third time you get highlights will help blend your highlights with your natural hair color and give your hair dimension – and you won”t have to worry about dark roots every 6 weeks! They make your hair richer and warmer while adding the appearance of movement and depth.

Lowlights can be more difficult to do well, and some stylists run into funky looking colors when going darker. This requires a corrector. At Agnes O. though, our expert Colorists are just that – experts in color. You can trust them to provide you with fabulous lowlights that are subtle, low maintenance and complement your hair and skin tone.

Your hair color should never detract from your complexion or natural color. An expert Colorist will ensure you receive color treatment that is a vibrant complement to your skin tone, eye color and style.

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